Media Relations

The power of third party testimonial should never be underestimated.

Achieving regular and strategic coverage in target media outlets helps to build and maintain a brand’s credibility in the eyes of the public, its internal stakeholders and the media – ultimately ensuring longevity.

Corporate Communications

Well-executed corporate communications ensure that a business’ core beliefs and activities are well-known both inside an organisation, and outside of it. A critical element of corporate communications is stakeholder engagement. The support of a business’ key stakeholders, whether employees, suppliers, investors, or all of the above, is critical to its success.

Executive Profiling

We employ executive profiling to position our clients as thought leaders in their fields. We work with executives to help define their voice and key messages, and to create and place content that reflects their unique knowledge, expertise and personality.

Issues and Crisis Management

The best defence against a crisis is preparedness. That Comms Co. has extensive experience working in issues and crisis management and should one of our clients find themselves in a crisis, we act quickly to manage the situation and mitigate against controversy and negativity.

Corporate and Brand Positioning

Careful planning and clever storytelling have the ability to take a business from misunderstood to indispensable, and from unknown to unforgettable. We work closely with our clients to ensure that we know and understand their brand as well as they do and use tactical communications and intelligent stories to enable them to speak with their target audiences.

Research Solutions

Good research is an incredibly powerful tool to establish a brand’s credibility and position as a thought leader. We work with clients to commission new research or leverage research they already have. We turn research insights into powerful narratives that can take the form of engaging and shareable whitepapers, before making sure that news of the research reaches those it’s intended for.

Influencer Relations

Word of mouth endorsements from trusted peers have never been more powerful. We help our clients to build strategic relationships with influential partners across social and other media to build brand awareness and increase trust with the audiences who matter.

Corporate and Commercial Photography

The old adage ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ holds greater currency in today’s digital times than ever before. Whether you’re after a simple image for LinkedIn, a series of corporate portraits, or styled images of your product, place of work or an event — our photographer will work closely with you to capture your personal brand or business story so it is conveyed in the way you want it to be.